Aed 200 week 5 appendix b

Include an annotated bibliography of at least three sources you will use in the paper. You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School.

As a potential teacher and educator, identify two perceived challenges of the teaching profession that you may struggle with the most Educational Debate Persuasive Paper Resources: In contrast, identify two opportunities you may have as a teacher. What professional organizations will you join.

How would you address these concerns. Portfolio Development 2 p. In your opinion, will teacher reforms, such as comprehensive testing of teachers or requiring ongoing professional development, attract or intimidate individuals from joining the teaching profession.

Social Justice Answer the following in words: Specific information requirements are listed in Appendix C. Provide a comment on how each one serves to improve your success or reduce your daily stress.

Of all the current issues in education, which do you think will be the biggest issue for you local or state schools. Technology in Education Project Resources: What do you expect to gain from membership in these organizations.

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Write a word response to the following: Compare the behaviorist and co Governance and Effecting Change in Schools Resource: Let me know and Ill e-mail the link. School Funding Issues Resource: Appendix C, the University Library, and Ch. GCU NUR Week 2 Evidence-Based Practice Proposal – Section B: Problem Description Details: Write a paper of words (not including the title page and reference page) on your proposed problem description for your EBP project.

Assignment: Scenario Evaluation Plan Create an evaluation plan for your chosen scenario in Appendix B that analyzes the program for process and outcome evaluations.

Describe the types of evaluations you would include in your evaluation plan and how each would serve to analyze various processes or intended outcomes in to 1, words. AED Week 7 Complete your response to the following: Visit the and review the information on No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

AED 200 (Contemporary Issues in American Education) Complete Course Week 1-9

Review the section on NCLB from Chapter 5. AED Endless Education/ AED Week 5 CheckPoint Educational Philosophies For more course tutorials visit Resource: Appendix B Use the Educational Philosophies Table in Appendix B.

Classify each philosophy as either student-centered or teacher-centered and describe the characteristics of each philosophy. Appendix B Fill in the table below by classifying each philosophy as either teacher-centered or student-centered authority. Next, identify the main characteristics of. AED Week 2 Checkpoint 1 – Students’ Social Challenges.

Answer the following in words: List three societal issues students face outside of the classroom. Describe the role that you think schools should play in teaching students values and strategies to help them overcome these challenges.

Aed 200 week 5 appendix b
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